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Sep 12, 2013
@ 2:40 pm
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Cody ChestnuTT


This past weekend, Portland hosted the annual Musicfest Northwest . 6 Days of constant shows in all genres at every available venue in the city, it was paradise. To be honest, I had heard of probably only 3 out of the 165 shows going into the festival, but let be real, that’s the best situation. You get to fall in love with new music and new artists. WIN.


I was lucky enough to hit up about 5 shows and by far my favorite was Cody ChestnuTT who has been featured on Dave Chappell and played with the Roots. He was such an engaging performer/entertainer and his songs just made you so happy to be there with that $8 whiskey ginger in your hand.


And his bass player, Jeffrey Bass Gaines, was a kick to chat with after the show.


Definitely check out his soulful Al Green/Marvin sound. You will NOT regret it.




**shown above are a few friends with the man himself.


Mar 5, 2013
@ 3:10 am
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Ciara- “Body Party”.

Produced by Mike Will Made It (obviously). Another jam from him. His ad lib is so fun to say! He really just needs to make it the hook to a song already. And where have you been Ciara? “One, Two Step” was my ish in 2005. ish.

Please excuse me, I’m gonna go listen to this three more times in a row. I just wish it had a verse from Future. The sample is such a tease! BTW, recently realized I’m totes on Team Future.


Feb 27, 2013
@ 1:33 am
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Frank Ocean - Eyes Like Sky


Frank Ocean is so good at throwing out songs when no ones looking. I can just see him shrug like it ain’t nothin and hop back on his skateboard.

This track is definitely more instrumental, closer to American Wedding-style from Nostalgia. But I think we hear his voice for all it really is on songs like these. 

'Channel Orange' leftover. No Copyright Intended.