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Mar 5, 2013
@ 3:10 am
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Ciara- “Body Party”.

Produced by Mike Will Made It (obviously). Another jam from him. His ad lib is so fun to say! He really just needs to make it the hook to a song already. And where have you been Ciara? “One, Two Step” was my ish in 2005. ish.

Please excuse me, I’m gonna go listen to this three more times in a row. I just wish it had a verse from Future. The sample is such a tease! BTW, recently realized I’m totes on Team Future.


Feb 27, 2013
@ 1:33 am
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Frank Ocean - Eyes Like Sky


Frank Ocean is so good at throwing out songs when no ones looking. I can just see him shrug like it ain’t nothin and hop back on his skateboard.

This track is definitely more instrumental, closer to American Wedding-style from Nostalgia. But I think we hear his voice for all it really is on songs like these. 

'Channel Orange' leftover. No Copyright Intended.



Jan 9, 2013
@ 2:46 pm
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HAIM - Send Me Down

I wasn’t sure how much I liked these LA-based sisters on my first listen earlier this year. For some reason I decided to give them another chance today. And now I can’t for the life of me figure out what I didn’t like before?? They have the perfect combo of 80s synth and poppy vocals, while still sounding like something new.

If i’m not jamming out to their set early Friday afternoon at Coachella 2013, something is  not right with the world.

Available now on iTunes as the B-Side to ‘Don’t Save Me’: http://haaa.im/NmtGTy